What is degree symbol?

Degree symbol is °. We can say that the degree symbol is a kind of typographic symbol. This symbol is used to represent degrees in many different fields, such as angle or temperatures. It is obtained by drawing a small circle as a superscript. The Unicode of the icon is U + 00B0. With the latest developments of modern technology, many different online systems and softwares are used in our daily life routines. With the special features of computer infrastructure all over the world at the last times, the fact that transactions can be performed in a faster and more effective manner because computer technologies to be used more intensively and frequently. Users can do everything on the computer quickly and easily. With all the keys on the computer keyboards, typing operations on the computer and on the internet can be performed faster and more practically. However, with the developing technology, the new needs that arise today can cause people to experience various problems in terms of making transactions. In particular, the absence of special and single keys on the computer for certain symbols and signs makes it impossible for users to know how to make them. One of them is how to make the degree sign on the keyboard. Since it is one of the special symbols that are used frequently even in daily life, how to make the degree sign on the computer keyboard is one of the most curious subjects.

Degree Sign HTML Symbol

html degree hex


html degree named


html degree decimal


Users can easily make the degree symbol on the computer as well as many different icons, symbols and signs in a very practical and easy way. Users can do this by using one of the different methods. That is, it is possible to use the standard key combination method assigned on the keyboard, as well as to use alternative methods such as character mapping. Accordingly, using the Character Map feature, users can make degrees icon on the computer respectively; Start / All Programs / Accessories / System Tools / Character Map. Following these steps, users need to find the degree icon in the Character Map window that opens. The character icon on the Character Map page needs to be copied and pasted by users to use it anywhere. According to this, users can copy the degree symbol they find in the Character Map window by right-clicking and clicking ‘Copy den. Then he needs to open the options with right-click on the word he wants to use and click ‘Paste’. In this way, the character map and degree symbol can be used anywhere. In addition, users can find the degree icon on the Character Map, point to it and left-click it, then press ‘CTRL’ + ‘C’ on the keyboard to copy it. After copying, it can be moved to the place where it will be used and it can be pasted here by pressing ‘CTRL’ + ‘V’ key combination on the computer keyboard. This way you can easily use the degree icon on your computer or on the Internet.


Under today's world conditions, typing a degree symbol has become so easy and the usage are of them has become so widespread. The question was "How to type a degree symbol?". We think that we have answered the question in detail. Again, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, if these methods seem troublesome to you or you haven't succeeded yet, you can make calls over the internet and add the copy symbol with the degree symbol. Usually you need this symbol in articles indicating temperature status. The application and insertion format is very easy and we tried to talk about it in our article. You can also open the different symbols on your keyboard and access them more easily if you need them. It's so easy to find the alternatives of typing a degree symbol to your text editor with our special article.

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