How to type Degree Symbol in MS Word?

Word is the most widespread rich text editor of the world under today's world conditions. Typing a degree symbol in Word is so easy. There are two different ways to add a degree icon when you type on a computer. One of these types, which is separated by adding a degree symbol using a ribbon and adding a degree symbol using a keyboard shortcut, is both practical and can be used. Those who want to use a ribbon to add a degree symbol when writing temperature or measurement texts are first marked where the degree is to be placed in the text. Then, it is entered to the add section in the above lane. After entering the Add section, the icons are entered into the section. Following the opening of the symbols section, there are two different sections: equation and symbol. Here, the icon part is selected. At the bottom of the icon, other icons, all icons, after selecting the font menu opens and the font is selected from here. Then by scrolling the icons one by one, the degree symbol is found and clicked and added in this way. Finally, add symbol button will be the most helpful solution for you. In addition ALT + 0176 combination will be a solution for typing a degree symbol.

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