Typing a Degree Symbol on iPhone and iPad

First of all, open an application where you can use the keyboard. You can add a degree icon using the keyboard of your iPhone or iPad, but at first you'll have to switch to the right look. Place the cursor where you want to type the degree icon. Tap the text field where you want to type the degree icon (for example, the iMessage text field). The keyboard should appear. Click on the "123" button. This key is located in the lower left corner and clicking this key will open a section of the keyboard with numbers and some symbols.  Press and hold the "0" key. The 0 key is located on the top of the keyboard. A pop-up menu above the 0 key will appear after a short time. If you are using an iPhone 6S or newer, be sure to press 0 lightly because pressing the screen will activate the 3D Touch screen instead of the pop-up menu. Select degree symbol and slide your finger over the degree icon, make sure the degree icon is highlighted, and then take your finger off the screen. This will add the degree icon to the text you are writing.

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