Typing a Degree Symbol on Android Devices

Firstly, open an app where you can use the device's keyboard. The degree symbol is located in the Icons section on the Android phone's keyboard. Place the cursor where you want to add the degree icon. Tap the text field to which you want to add the degree icon (for example, the text field in the Messages section). Then, click on the "?123" button. It is located on the bottom left of the keyboard. When clicked, icons and numbers appear on the keyboard. Touch the next Icons (=/<) button. On most Android phones, the icons are two pages. You will need to touch the button with mathematical symbols to move to the next page. On some Android phones, you need to click on ">" to move to the next page. Touch the degree symbol. A degree symbol will be added to the text field.

How to type a degree symbol on an android mobile phone?

You might have come across the situations to type a degree symbol (°) on your mobile phone. Let’s check how to type a degree symbol on a mobile phone.


The degree symbol in Android – SwiftKey Support

I'm on Android and the way I get to the degree symbol is by tapping the "123" key, you should now see an "abc" key in its place and above that


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Finally, if you want just to type the degree symbol "°" in any editor in windows (include android studio) just use: Alt+0176.


How do I type a degree symbol on a Samsung Android phone?

Not having a recent Samsung device I can't directly answer. However! Supplementing Aaron's answer, you can get Google's stock keyboard that does have the character.


How To Insert Degree Symbol In Windows, Mac, Android And iOS?


Last updated: 07/25/2021

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