How do I make the degree symbol on a Mac?

On the other hand, typing a degree symbol on Mac is so easy. Firstly, open your text software and click "edit" button and you will see a dropdown menu. After click on the" Emoji & Symbols" button and choose the "Punctuation" tab.  And, you can find the degree symbol now. The degree icon is in the third row, right next to the ^ icon. There is a larger degree icon on the right side of the same row. If the left side is too small, you can use the big one on the right. With double clicking on the degree symbol, you can add it into the text. The degree icon will be added to the text field that the cursor is on. There is also another method to make a degree symbol on a Mac :

Using keyboard shortcuts : Option + Shift + 8

Also, suppose you forgot keyboard shortcuts. Now press Control + Command + Space right away from the keyboard. The symbol manager will then open. Just type the expression you want in the top search bar. When we enter in "degree", we will show the necessary results. You can now access all math symbols.

degree symbol manager
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